Meet the Coordinators

Meet the Coordinators


Cielo Pineros

With background in politic science and sociology her experience working with vulnerable populations in Colombia has made significant contributions to the fields through her dedicated research, advocacy, and project management..Her ability to lead and inspire others has been instrumental in our collective efforts to make a difference in the lives of Australian vulnerable people.

She is able to identify problems and find creative solutions with Effective conflict resolution skills helping to maintain a positive and productive work environment.


Emmanuel Rios Lezcano

Emmanuel is a highly skilled paramedic with a remarkable background in emergency medical services, primarily in Colombia. His extensive experience in the field has equipped him with the expertise, compassion, and leadership qualities necessary to excel not only as a paramedic but also as a coordinator in the field of home care business for ABU CARE.

One of Emmanuel’s standout qualities is his exceptional ability to coordinate the Abu team effectively and the ability to think critically and make sound judgments is invaluable, ensuring that clients receive the right care at the right time.